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Competitor Information

  • 14 Student Teams in total

    • 7 High Schools

    • 7 Colleges/Universities

  • A "TEAM" will consist of two schools

    • One High School (3 students)

    • One College/University (3 students)

  • High Schools will be randomly matched to a college/university

  • Industry Professionals will be assigned to student teams to provide mentoring and guidance

Team Registration

Coming Soon

Competition Requirements

  • $300 Registration Fee per school (one time fee)

  • Teams must be from D.C., Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia

  • Only one team per High School/University/College is allowed

  • A School Representative, employed by the school, must act as a Coach (A school may designate someone else with permission)

  • Competitors must be full time students according to the requirements of their high school, college or university

  • Each school is to submit a roster of three students

Event Rules

  • No outside technology is allowed in competition area (smartphones, flash drives, etc.) 

  • Teams can bring books, whiteboards, pens and paper into their competition area

  • Snacks and drinks are allowed in team area

  • Name badges must be worn during the competition hours

  • No substitutions are allowed during the event

  • Coaches are not allowed to "coach" during the event

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