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The mission of Argotis Foundation is to provide cyber security education, training, outreach, and scholarship opportunities to the youth, veteran, and college communities.


Argotis Foundation provides an opportunity to speak to industry professionals about various aspects of entry, advancement, road blocks, and personal experiences in industry. We offer one-on-one mentoring sessions, mentoring panels, mock interviews, and resume reviews. One of the most powerful tools offered in our mentoring is the sharing of personal experiences, tribulations, failures, and ultimately successes that have marked the path of our mentors.


Argotis Foundation provides training for industry professionals and volunteers training in Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO),Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO), Security Awareness Training, Computer Forensics, Introductory Operations, Project Management, and other various industry related topics. In addition, Argotis Foundation plans to host CyberPioneer, an upcoming annual cyber-competition.


Argotis Foundation partners with various sponsors, institutions, as well as directly funds various scholarship opportunities. Sponsors, donors, and partners are always welcome. To learn more, please contact us.

Involvements (Current/Prior)


IRS 501(c)(3)   EIN 82-1253098

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